Dead? Not yet!


The stars twinkling above me,
Tell tales from millennia past.
True, nothing stands forever,
But just sometimes, they do last.
That horizon that separates
This hell from heaven above,
Tonight though I just can’t tell
This difference of hate and love.
That evil silhouette of the tree,
Against the black moonless sky.
Standing there, lifeless, motionless,
I feel a cold chill down my spine.
I believed in God and feared death,
Now I die everyday and fear god,
And when they finally put me in hell,
I hope all that I bleed is blood.
Time passes and we near our graves,
Not the last place where we rest.
While we are alive we fear to live,
And finally die with a boulder on chest.
From dead graves and beyond,
I hear mournful voices all the time,
Repentance, remorse and mistakes.
We all have our share and I have mine.
What they don’t have but we do,
Is a chance to make amend.
This life takes turns we never fathom.
Takes us places we can’t comprehend.
I sit here and try to figure out
The meaning of this life unseen
‘Rejoice when you can’, my mind says
We’ll, then friends “Happy Halloween“.



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