A cup of tea in Darjeeling


I was having tea at “HOT STIMULATING CAFE” in Darjeeling after many years today.

Tsunami of memories.
Friends, love and stories incomplete.
A plate of hot dumplings shared among friends.
Cob webs now where clean window panes used to be.
Heated arguments on who the hottest girl in college is, settled with a hearty laugh that she wouldn’t be ours anyway.
A walk down the boulevard of pines now a walk down the memory lane.
The excitement that you looked at me today, the treat and the bill shared.

A chilling wind blew as I stood on the porch, for a second I thought I could smell that familiar smell of your hair.
The smoke and the jam session with friends at the graveyard.
The final days, the promise to stay in touch. The sinking feeling that it’s not happening though.
I see a young couple sitting on the booth where we used to sit, the music still rocks, number after number. Not a single one to be skipped, still.
So much has changed and yet it’s all the same.
The sun is going down just as it used to when it signalled that it’s time for us to part for the day to meet again tomorrow. Just the view of you coming from your hostel gate and I held my breath, my heart skipped a beat.
The blue skies and the rising fog in just a few moments, it’s still the same.
I wondered today, sitting here, ‘do you think of me sometimes?’ I do. Whenever she asks for a coke and nothing else, I do think of you.
I came here today and thought of you, again.
It was a long time ago. How long?
Long enough to make me lose count.

A cup of tea in Darjeeling





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