The final adieu * Just for you

*synonyms:bondage, dependent
**antonyms: freedom, independent

I wanna make you my morning, afternoon and evening. Baby I want to make you my everything. I want to make you my night, and when you can’t sleep, I will hold you tight. I’ll whisper sweet nothings into your ears, just trust me darlin, I’ll take away all your fears. When the stars twinkle ever so bright, I promise I’ll make everything alright.

I tried my best to convince you it’ll work, you convincing me that one day you’ll be leaving. Congratulations, hope you are happy now because you got me believing. A tear for a tear, heart for heart. I was near the finish line, you were standing at the start. I thought we were this close to making it, ha ha jokes’ on me. All along you were just faking it.


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