There once lived a girl
In a faraway land.
With extraordinary intelligence
And very talented hand.
She longed to learn sorcery
And help those in need.
She taught herself all she knew
With dry books to read.

She was loved by everybody
Her fame reached far and wide.
But she also caught the attention
Of an evil sorcerer, full of pride.
He spent the day stalking her
And nights scheming her downfall
He couldn’t stand to see her smile
Or her good deeds, big or small.

The sorcerer finally had a plan
Evil beyond measure.
Just thinking of what he schemed
Gave him waves of pleasure.
He would cast a spell on her
And end all his worries.
He would send her so far away
And take away all her memories.

A Good Samaritan found her
And brought her to his home.
She was terrified when she couldn’t remember,
Her name or where she was from.
He consoled her and called her ‘Angel’
As she was a gift from above
He took care of her day and night
And soon, they fell in love.

As years passed by, the sorcerer
Knew that he neared his end.
He repented for what he had done
And met the girl to make amend.
He told her that he could give her back
The memories she could not recall.
She had made new memories with him
She said, she didn’t need old ones at all.

You see friends when things go bad
We should not lose our heart.
What seems like an end of a great beginning
Might just be a better start.



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