You’re most creative when you are sad
I get that.
You like feeling yellow after you feel blue
I get that too.
But I get confused when you tell me that
You are leaving now coz we’ll grow apart
You had full faith in your ‘destructive ability’
I wish instead you had trusted me.
We watched how we became ‘was’ from ‘is’
And did nothing about it
How ‘us’ gradually turned into ‘I’
We asked questions, we had no reply.
You tell me to move on and shackle my feet
I envelop you with excess of love, no room to breathe.
You tell me I lack that air of authority
Well, if I change that I’m no longer me.
One fine Sunday you had me promise something
I think now, you must’ve seen this day coming.
You say you need me and throw me afar
I think all’s fair and love is war.
I chose to believe, you chose remorse
Maybe we were soul-mates,
who knows, who knows


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