I heard a small voice in my head.

It’s how the business has been always taken care of here. This was new grounds to me. Unfamiliar terrain.
Fangs of deception, lurking in the darkness, mouth watering to sink the venom in, trust anyway, said the voice.
Blood dripping from the lips, the thirst even more.

Don’t be afraid, this will pass away.

I’m not afraid, not anymore. The damage is done, you can’t kill a dead man again. I howl under the full moon tonight. I feel just as evil, and this feeling is intoxicating. Oh, the power. I join in the many pairs of eyes in the dark bushes. Watching, waiting for a beating heart to pass by, to bite in and rip off a chunk of life from it.
The blood has touched my lips, the taste at the back of my tongue. I seek a new victim. I seek a new heart.
If it is to stop me that you want. Slay me. Spear me right through my heart. Is there a soul out there, brave enough to look me in the eye.

The thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies.




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